Acanthosis Nigrican

Acanthosis Nigricans

It is defining as dark and pigmented discoloration of the skin folds and creases. Mostly it affected the armpit, groin and neck area. Pigmented area become hard and thickened.

It typically affects the people who are obese and have diabetic mellitus. It is an alarming sign as it is the sign of internal organ cancer like liver and stomach. If it occurs in childhood then these children are more prone to developed diabetic mellitus type 2 in future life.


Only signs are skin changes. People notice dark pigmented thickened skin folds and creases on the affected part of the body. The process is slow in progression. Affected skin may also developed itching and odor.


It may be occurring due to:Acanthosis Nigrican Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Insulin resistance: insulin is secreted by pancreas it helps in the processing of sugar.
  • Cancer: internal organ cancer like stomach and liver may also affect skin, it also occurs in lymphoma.
  • Hormonal disorder: people who have hypothyroidism and defective adrenal secretion also developed this skin condition.
  • Certain supplements and drugs: estrogen containing drugs, contraceptive, and other steroids may cause acanthosis nigricans.


Diabetic mellitus is an only complication of acanthosis nigricans.


It is diagnosis by thorough skin examination, your doctor may recommend Xray and biopsy of small skin patch to diagnosis the underlying causes.


Sometime treating the underlying causes can help to reduce the discoloration like:

  • Reducing weight.
  • Having surgery of underlying tumor or cancer.
  • Avoid the certain drugs and supplement.

If your concerns about the cosmetics problem then your doctors may prescribe the creams which lighten the affected areas, medicated soap, laser therapy and antibiotic for topical used only.

Home remedies

  • Vitamin c which is present in coconut oil and lemon help to prevent the hyperpigmentation.
  • Aloe vera gel may help to reduce the itching and discoloration.
  • Scrub made by yogurt and oatmeal.
  • Potato rub.
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