Adult Still's Disorder

Adult Still’s Disease

It is an infrequent type of inflammatory arthritis that manifest as fever, joint ache, and rashes on skin. Some have single episode while others have recurrent condition.

  • One of the earliest symptoms is sore throat.Adult Still's Disease
  • 102 F (38.9 C) fever for the duration of week or longer. The highest degree fever arises in late afternoon or early evening. There could be two fever peaks in a day.
  • A characteristic salmon fish rash appear on trunk, arm, face along with fever.
  • Debilitating muscular pain.

Till now no certain cause of this disorder is evaluate. According to some research bacterial or viral infection could cause adult still’s disease.

  • Long term inflammation can cause destruction of joint mostly of knees and wrist.
  • Pericarditis [ inflammation of outer covering of heart] and myocarditis [ inflammation of muscular portion of heart]
  • Pleural effusion.
  • Macrophage activation syndrome.

No particular test that can identify this condition. routine blood and imagining test are done usually.

  • Over the counter available non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help in joint pain and inflammation.
  • Steroid, methotrexate, biological response modifiers are sometimes used for treatment.
Home remedies
  • Try to manage your medication even in your symptom free days to help aiding inflammation.
  • Include vitamin D and calcium in your diet if you are taking prednisone to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Although it’s difficult to exercise to workout with joint pain but little physical physiotherapy helps to conserve mobility in every types of arthritis.
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