Age Spots

Age Spots, Liver Spot

These are minute flattened spots on the skin having variation in size and mostly appearing on sun exposed areas like shoulders, hands, face and arms. Synonyms are liver spots, sunspots and solar lentigines. Most common age groups affected are 50 years or above.


These age spots look like malignant growth but often don’t require treatment. Light skinned people are more prone to developing age spots. Some clinical features are as follows

Age Spots Causes Symptoms Treatment

  • Flat spots which are oval in shape.
  • Tanned brown or dark brown in color.
  • Most commonly appear on the skin having most sun exposure.
  • Size ranges from freckle size to ½ inches
  • Coalesce to form large area enough to become notable.

Liver spots are formed by over activated pigment melanin cells. Sun exposure causes the increase production of melanin giving skin tanned spots. Tanning lamps and beds also reportedly caused age spots.


Firstly, complete thorough examination of affected skin is mandatory to rule out other skin disorders. Skin biopsy is required to check about the nature of lesion either its malignant or not.


Topical medications like bleaching creams [ hydroquinone] or retinoids or other steroids mostly used to fade the spots. Other treatment options include cryotherapy, laser therapy, intense pulsed light therapy, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and chemical peel off therapy.

Home remedies
  • Some non prescribed bleaching creams are available in the markets use those creams but check for hydroquinone or glycolic or kojic acid in the ingredient as they aid in fading of age spots.
  • You can use makeup for making spots less noticeable
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