Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Amniotic fluid embolism

It is defined as the condition in which amniotic fluid which is present in the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus, enters into the mother bloodstream. It is a rare but life-threatening condition. It occurs during delivery or just after delivery.


Signs and symptoms developed suddenly, which include:Amniotic fluid embolism


It mostly occurs due to any damage to the placental membrane which separates the mother and fetus blood and prevent the mixing. Damage or break down will likely be occur due to any trauma or infection. Mother immune system start reaction against fetus blood and causes an widespread inflammatory reactions.


Complications of amniotic fluid embolism include:

  • Lethargic condition of mother
  • Brain injury due to the ischemic injury
  • Death of mother
  • Fetus death due to injury to the brain

Diagnosis should be made immediately to prevent the life threatening complications.

  • ECG to check the heart electrical activity
  • Blood tests to check the complete blood count
  • X-ray of chest to check the pneumonia
  • Pulse oximetry to evaluate the amount of oxygen in your blood

It require urgent treatment to save the life of mother and baby. Treatment include:

  • Oxygen, to control the breathing difficulty
  • Transfusion, to compensate the loss of blood
  • Catheter placement, to give the medicine and fluids and in arteries to check the blood gases.
  • Medications, To control the condition of your heart or lungs.
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