This is an infrequent type of malignant condition that occur in the blood and lymph vessels lining. This condition can occur throughout the body but mainly it affects head and neck region. It can occur in the skin superficially as well as in deep tissues of liver and breast. It can also occur in previously radiation induced areas.

SymptomsAngiosarcoma Causes Symptoms Treatment

Clinically angiosarcoma presents as;

  • On the skin angiosarcoma presents as swollen raised purple patches on skin resembling bruises.
  • On skin that bruise like patch grows exponentially.
  • That lesion have bleeding tendency.
  • If angiosarcoma affects other organs like liver or breast it causes pain in that particular location.

Main exact cause of angiosarcoma is not known till now but some studies show that it is due to the abnormal genetic change in the chromosome that lead to the development of abnormal colony of cells . These cells over time get massive and spread to other areas of the body causing cancer.


Following tests and techniques are done for diagnosing this condition;

  • Complete general physical examination of person and enlarge lymph node.
  • Biopsy is done to see the genetic makeup of the sample tissues.
  • CT scan, MRI and PET imaging test are done to locate tumors throughout the body.

Following are some treatment options which are considered;

  • Surgery to excise the tumor completely from the body along with some surrounding healthy tissues to prevent recurrence.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are done in cases when angisarcoma has been metastasized throughout the body. Also when patient is not suitable for surgery chemotherapy is usually done.
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