Anterior Prolapse

Anterior Prolapse, Cystocele

It is a condition which is define the as the prolapse of bladder or when bladder prolapse or hang from the normal position in the pelvis. It is also known as cystocele.

Every organ in pelvis stomach and other site of the body is held at position with the help of muscles and ligaments of connective tissue. It occurs due to the any condition which weaken the muscles of pelvis like chronic constipation, vaginal childbirth, and chronic cough etc.


Signs and symptoms of cystocele may appear during moderate and severe condition in mild condition they may remain unnoticed, signs and symptoms include:Cystocele Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Feeling of fullness and mass at bladder area
  • Bulging tissue at vaginal opening

The causes of anterior prolapse is the weaken of muscles and ligaments which held the organs at their normal position.


Your doctor diagnosis by doing following procedure:

  • Pelvic examination: to check the strength of pelvic muscles
  • Urine test: to evaluate any infection
  • Bladder test: to check the normal function of bladder

Treatment depend upon the severity of prolapse and difficulty in the urination. Options of treatment may include:

  • Supportive device like pessary and rubber ring to fix the prolapse tissue.
  • Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles.
  • Surgery for severe cases
Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Lifestyle and home remedies may help to reduce the symptoms and strengthen your pelvic muscles.

  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Reduce weight
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Take medicine for cough
  • Take fibers in your diet to avoid constipation
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