Overview: It is a problem of abnormally excessive sweating which is not related to heat or exercise. You sweat so much that I will soak your clothes.

Hyperhidrosis treatment included antiperspirants. If antiperspirants don’t work then other medications are also available. In more severe cases your doctor prescribed you to removed your sweat producing glands and cut the nerves which supply these glands.

Sometimes it occurs due to other systemic disease which can be treated.


In hyperhidrosis condition people suffering from excessive sweating in normal environment and condition.

Sweating occur in bilaterally it means it occur on both side of body usually it affects the hands, underarms, feet, or faces.

Seek immediate medical attention if you feel headache, nausea and chest pain then call your doctor immediately.:

  • Daily routine disturbs by sweating
  • You feel emotionally disturb due to this
  • You feel excessive sweating than normal in normal environment
  • Sweating occur at bedtime for no obvious reason

Through the sweating our body achieved the coolness. In normal circumstance sweating usually occur at palm during any intense movement or when you feel nervous.

There are two type of hyperhidrosis:

1-primary: which involved the nerves involvement which supply the sweats glands.

2-Secondary: It occurs due to any systemic disease or due to secondary problem it is a rare problem. Conditions my included:


Following complications occur due to this:

  • People get the skin infection more easily due to hyperhidrosis because it provides the moist environment for bacterial growth
  • Social and emotional effects.It may affect your social activity because having wet and dripping hands and clothes can be embarrassing for you.

During checkup your doctor asked you some question and may perform some physical test to evaluate your condition.

Lab Tests

Some time it may occur due to other medical conditions like increase thyroid hormone and diabetic mellitus so doctor asked for blood and urine test.

Sweat Tests

There are many sweats test available which estimated the sweating and pinpoint the exact areas of sweating like iodine starch test.


If it occurs due to other medical condition then treated the other condition first. If no possible cause is found then control the excessive sweating by medication.


Following drugs are used to treat hyperhidrosis.

  • Botulinum toxin injections. Treatment with botulinum toxin give the temporary relived by blocking the sweats glands and it also causes pain.
  • Nerve-blocking medications. Some oral medication blocks the nerve pathway it reduces the sweating but cause come effects like dry mouth, blurred vision and bladder problems.
  • Prescription antiperspirant. antiperspirant which includedaluminum chloride like zerac, drysoletc. This may cause skin irritation.
  • Prescription creams.Glycopyrrolate containing cream affects the face and head hyperhidrosis.
  • They have two benefits firstly it reduces sweating secondly it reduces anxiety which is occurs due to hyperhidrosis.
Surgical and other procedures

Surgical treatments for hyperhidrosis include:

  • Removal of sweat glands.
  • Microwave therapy.
  • Nevre surgery.
Lifestyle and home remedies

There are some advices which help to cope up with heavy sweating and body odor due to sweating.

  • Try relaxation techniques. Try to relax yourselves by yoga, meditation and biofeedback.
  • Apply astringents. Apply other products like tannic acid containing compound to the affected area.
  • Bathe daily. Regular bathing prevents skin infection and removes the bacterial growth.
  • Choose clothing to suit your activity. Choose breathable shoes and clothes which is made up of natural materials such as leather shoes and cotton cloths respectively.
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