Infant Reflux

Infant Reflux  

This condition occurs when there is reflux of the food from a baby’s stomach causing the baby to spit up. It is not a very serious condition. It is not common for a baby to have reflux even after 18 months of age.

It is not a major concern if occur in a healthy baby. However,it may be sometimes a sign of allergic reaction .


As infantile reflux is not of major concern and usually baby stomach don’t produce much acid enough to irritate the lining . That’s why there is usually no clinical signs or symptoms present in patient.

  • As baby is in growing stage lower esophageal sphincter is not fully developed which resulted in reflux
  • Usual position of baby is lying on bed which is an important contributer of reflux
  • Diet being liquid mostly
  • Premature babies are more prone.
  • It may be caused by full blow gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)Newborn Jaundice, Yellow coloration of skin in infants
  • From protein intolerance towards cow milk
  • Eosinophillic eosophagitis
  • Pyloric stenosis of valve between stomach and small intestine
  • If this condition is because of GERD it will lead to growth retardation.
  • Ultrasound to detect possible pyloric stenosis.
  • Esophageal reflux ph is continuously checked.
  • Urine and blood samples are collected to rule out the cause.
  • X-ray procedures
  • Upper gut endoscopy
  • Bite of food should be small and frequent feeding.
  • Burping the baby frequently.
  • After feeding hold baby in upright posture for half hours
  • If baby is showing allergic reaction eliminate dairy from diet.
  • Use appropriate size of nipple.
  • Short term prescription of acid blocking drugs can be prescribed like cimetidine.
  • Fundoplication can be done to over come excessive reflux.
Home Remedies
  • Hold baby in upright posture.
  • Feed your baby slowly when breastfeeding or when feeding from bottle.
  • Frequently make your baby burp properly.
  • When sleeping place your baby on his or her back.
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