Ruptured Spleen

Ruptured Spleen

This condition is a medical emergency that results from a break in spleen surface. Spleen is located under ribcage on left side and help body fight against infection. It filters old blood cells from the bloodstream.


A person having ruptured spleen presents with following signs and symptoms:spleen Rupture Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Severe pain in upper left abdomen
  • Pain in left shoulder
  • Tenderness on upper left abdomen
  • Confusion, dizziness and lightheadedness

The main causes of spleen rupture are:

  • Blow to the left upper abdomen and injury during sporting mishaps, fist fight and car crashes
  • Enlarged spleen when blood cells starts to accumulate in the spleen in the conditions like mononucleosis and other infections, liver disease, and blood cancers.
  • It can lead to life-threatening bleeding complications

Diagnosis depends upon detailed medical history and some tests are procedures like:

  • Complete general physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • CT scan of abdomen, possibly with contrast dye, or another imaging test

Treatments options include:

  • Complete hospitalization until spleen heals with periodic follow-up CT scans
  • Repairing spleen with stitches
  • Splenectomy i-e removal of whole spleen
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