Self Cut Injury

Self Cut Injury

The condition in which patient harm himself by cutting and burning his hands or other body parts. This is the mental illness due to any emotional pain or frustration. Suicidal attempts are usually not done by such patients only limited injury mostly occurs.


Following are the signs and symptoms of self-injury and cutting:Self Cut Injury Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Fresh cuts
  • Hopelessness
  • Feeling worthlessness
  • Keeping sharp objects
  • Excessive rubbing on injured area
  • Scars
  • Scratches

There are many causes of this condition which include:


After taking history your doctor will recommend the following tests:

  • General physical examination to rule out any other cause
  • Blood tests to rule out the other causes
  • Lab tests to check thyroid function and any other abnormality in other hormones
  • Psychological counselling to rule out the other mental illness

Treatment depends upon the type and severity of mental illness. Treatment options include:

  • Medications like antidepressants, mood stabilizing medications and anti-psychotic drugs will help to reduce the anxiety and depression.
  • Psychotherapy provides immense help in reducing the signs and symptoms.
  • Electro convulsion therapy sometimes used in the depressive disorders.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
Lifestyle and home remedies

Following tips will help you:

  • Ask for help if need
  • Stick to your medications
  • Eat healthy food
  • Take proper sleep
  • Avoid alcohol
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